Inflatable Portable Swimming Pool Sizes

The size of a swimming pool is very important when choosing inflatable portable pools for your home, fun day out or even a weekend getaway with family and friends. In order to help you get the best portable pool size without so much effort, our company offers a huge selection. All our portable pools are spacious enough to accommodate different group sizes. Besides, they are also designed to standard for unrivaled safety and convenience in water activities.

Owing to the diverse portable pool sizes that we offer, there is always a guarantee that you can easily find the most suitable pick for the particular number of people that you have. And, our company also has a dedicated team of professionals to guide clients when shopping so you can always get the right pool size without a hassle. Despite the spacious design of our portable pools, they are customized for various spaces and environments.

These portable pools can be set up in the garden or any other space within your property. In case you have inadequate space in the lawn, you can also set it up on the roof top, provided the surface is flat and leveled. Even if you are going on a trip out of town with the family, you can still carry the pool with you for the best experience. With this flexibility, there is no doubt you will always have the most fulfilling experience with our inflatable portable swimming pool rentals.

Our main portable pool sizes

Extra-large Inflatable Portable Swimming Pool

This is the largest of all the inflatable portable swimming pool sizes offered by our company. An extra-large portable pool is quite expansive and can accommodate very large numbers of people in one fold. The pools are available in various dimensions that you can choose from based on the number of people that you are expecting to use the pool and also the available space. An extra-large portable pool size is the best pick for parties and other occasions where huge numbers of people are expected.

Our extra-large inflatable portable swimming pools are mainly recommended for businesses and commercial establishments planning events like, pool parties. In fact, renting an extra-large inflatable portable pool could save you a lot of money compared to hiring several smaller sizes.

Large Family Size Inflatable Portable Swimming Pool

This is also another portable pool size that you can rent from our company. As the name suggests, it is the right pick for families. However, our large family size inflatable portable swimming pools are also available in a wide range of other sizes from where you are able to get the most suitable match for your needs. One of the striking aspects of these pools is, they are customized for use by both adults and children. This means, just one is enough to cater for the whole family, which also makes them very economical to hire.

Our large family size inflatable portable swimming pools are the true definition of a one-size-fits-all. With just one large family size portable pool, you do not need to again hire another for children and kids. As a result of this, you will be able to save some money on the side too.

Inflatable Portable Swimming Pool for Adults

We also provide a selection of the best inflatable portable swimming pools for adults that you can rent for any occasion in your home or anywhere else in Singapore. Unlike the family size inflatable portable swimming pool, our portable pools for adults are not ideal for children or kids. Apart from just hiring these pools for use in residential property, commercial establishments can also acquire our pools for parties and other events for adults. In every occasion, we are always ready to deliver the right inflatable portable swimming pool for adults.

Choose the Right Inflatable Portable Swimming Pool Size Singapore

At Portable Pool Singapore, we understand the challenges faced by many when choosing portable pool sizes and, have just the right solutions to give you an easier time. We believe that it is your right to always get the most suitable portable pool size for rent. Therefore, our company is willing to guide you through the shopping process to ensure that you are able to find the best size of a portable swimming pool for your group, space and budget.

By relying on our products, you are always guaranteed the following;

The best quality portable swimming pools

All the portable pools that we offer are designed by leading manufacturers and, enhanced with unique features to deliver the best experience. Our pools are not only durable but, also very efficient, safe and easy to set up. Besides, they also require very little chemicals, which makes them safe for users as well as the environment. Despite this, our inflatable portable swimming pools have minimal components and, are also very light in weight. This ensures an easier time whenever you wish to carry the pool with you on a trip.

Diverse pool sizes for every occasion

The wide range of portable pool sizes that we provide also ensures that you are able to get the best pool for just any occasion or event. Generally, most people often hire portable pools only for swimming, aquatic exercises and relaxation. However, our company moves beyond that to offer inflatable portable swimming pools for baptism, parties and other events that require temporary swimming pools. With our inflatable portable swimming pools for rent, you can always get the best size for every occasion.

Affordable inflatable portable swimming pools

Whenever you rely on our company for inflatable portable swimming pools for rent, there is always a guarantee that you will get the right size for your budget. Our company offers affordable rates that you are able to easily attain with the budget that you have. Besides, we can also advise you on how to save more when renting portable swimming pools Singapore. And, stay committed to offering the most affordable portable swimming pools that everyone is able to acquire.

Get in touch with us now for the right portable pool size for your group size, space and budget.